About Me

Let me introduce myself and give you a little of my history:

My name is Richard H. Lynam and I was born in Wilmington, Delaware on November 30, 1931. My father’s name was Edwin and my mother’s name was Helen. Both of my parents were Christians and we as a family went to church and Sunday school every Sunday.

I was one of four children. My oldest brother was Donald (deceased), next in line was Edwin, Jr. (deceased) then I came along. After me was my sister, (Nancy Jane) (also deceased).

I received Christ Easter Sunday evening when I was thirteen years old. I was standing in the waters of Baptism and knew in my heart I wasn’t saved. I was getting baptized because my father and brothers were getting baptized. I had lied to the preacher, to my parents, and to the congregation saying that I was saved, but I wasn’t. I knew I could lie to them, but I couldn’t lie to God. Right there I put my faith in Christ. (Being Baptized does not save or help save anyone)

Upon graduating from high school, I worked for the Diamond State Telephone Company for twelve years. I received my draft notice in 1951 (on my 20th birthday) so I went and joined the Air Force. I was a Control Tower Operator and spent most of my four years in France. Coming back and working again for the telephone company, I attended night school at Philadelphia College of Bible for eight years. I received a “C” grade in one class, (I disagreed with the professor and really did not try) I know that I was wrong to do that. I received a “C” in another class but I felt the class was not needed. Beside those two “C” I did not miss any written test questions except one or two for the eight years.

When I graduated from college in 1966 I went back one evening and attended a chapel service at which time God spoke to my heart about becoming a pastor. I surrendered my life to serve him and have been serving Him for fifty two years.

I married Ellen Maule on June 8, 1957. Ellen was unsaved at that time. I disobeyed the Lord and married her anyway. Praise God, I led her to the Lord in October 1957. We have three children. Richard (Texas), Scott (Iowa) and Susan (Oregon). We have twelve grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.

All three of our children and most of our grandchildren are saved. Praying that the great grandchildren will also come to know the Lord.

I have pastored churches in California, Nevada, Indiana, and Oregon.While pastoring a church in Indiana, I attended Indiana Baptist College and took three years of Greek. I missed one or two questions my first year and missed one question my third year.

Currently I am teaching and preaching at Fossil Baptist Fellowship church in Fossil, Oregon.