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      • What was the name of Adam's wife before the fall? (Gen. 3:12)
      • Did Adam and his wife pass the buck in their confession? (Gen. 3:21)
      • Was Cain married when he killed his brother? (Gen. 4:17)
      • Why do you think Seth named his son Enos [Enosh] ? (Gen. 4:26)
      • Did God give Noah a 120 year warning that He would send a flood? (Gen. 6:3)
      • How many years was Israel captive in Egypt, was it 400, 430, or another number? (See chart at the end of Ex. 12)
      • Did Jephthah really sacrifice his daughter upon an altar to God? (Judges 11:40)
      • Did God really tell Hosea to marry a harlot? (Hosea 1)

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