I've been hearing a lot lately about prophecy from a standpoint I'd never considered before. That is, the beast as an Islamic leader. I've noticed how we are literal with our prophetic interpretation yet Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah. So, with that in mind, I've considered this possibility. There are forces at work which would revive the Ottoman empire. This would very much go hand in hand with Jesus' statement about John being Elijah. What are your thoughts and why?
The Beast, the Antichrist, will come out of the Roman Empire. I doubt that he would be a Muslim because the Jews wouldn't accept him. Daniel chapter 9:27 says that he makes a covenant with the Jews for seven years. He comes in as a friend and not as an enemy. He turns against them after 3-1/2 years (which is called the tribulation)and tries to destroy them.

As far as the Ottoman empire being restored has nothing to do with this. Because in Daniel Capter 2 and also 7 you have four kingdoms from Daniel until the end times (Baylonian Media/Persian,Grecian, and Roman). He starts with the Babylonian, which was the time he was living. They captured the Jews and took them into captivity as a nation for seventy years. Then Media/Persia (Iran) defeated the Babylonians in 539. They allowed them to go back to the land of Israel but still ruled over them. Next the Grecian empire under Alexander the Great conquered the nation of Israel and then the Romans came in and defeated them. In 70 A.D. the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and cast the Jews out of the land. They scattered the Jews all over the world. When the Ottoman Empire was over the land of palestine they didn't conquer the Jews because there was no nation to conquer. They didn't become a nation until May 14,1948. The Ottoman Empire is not included in the history of the Jews because they never conquered them. Daniel prophesied only four empires as conquering the Jews and they are listed in Daniel chapter 2 and 7. Read my Bible notes on those chapters.

Now when Jesus came, He came to be King of the Jews, but the Jews rejected Him and crucified Him. Jesus did not set up his promised kingdom. We know that Jesus sets up His kingdom at the time of the Roman Empire. In Daniel chapter 2 the image of the man, the legs of iron represents the Roman Empire. But you will see that the feet were made of iron and clay which doesn't mix. The stone (Jesus) hits the image in the feet which destroys the whole image of the four gentile powers. Since Jesus didn't set his kingdom up in the first coming we know that He will set it up in the end times at the second coming. It is definite that he will set His kingdom up during the Roman Empire (Daniel 7:13-14) The Roman Empire which will be revived in the end times (which was represented by the feet) will be in a different form at the second coming. I believe the EU (23 nations) is the start of the revival of the Roman Empire. The final nations in the revived Roman Empire will be 10 nations or a council of 10 (ten toes). They give AntiChrist authority over the Revived Roman Empire.

Concerning John the Baptist as Elijah:


1. He was the fulfillment of Isa. 40:3-5.

2. He was called Elijah, but he was not Elijah.

(Mal. 3:1; 4:5-6 cf. Matt. 11:10; Luke 7:27; Mark 1:2) These prophecies are called adumbrations (i.e. Double Reference). It is where the same scripture refers to two different events occurring at different times. The first event is a partial fulfillment of the prophecy with the second event a complete fulfillment.

A. “Are you Elijah? NO!” (John 1:21).

B. He came in the power and spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17 cf. Mal. 4:5-6).

C. “If you receive it, this is Elijah which was to come” (Matt. 11:14) but the nation of Israel did not receive him or his message.

D. “Elijah is already come” (Matt. 17:9-13). See B. above. The nation missed Him and rejected him and his message. God would have accepted John's mission and message as Elijah's if the nation would have repented.

E. Elijah is still to come before Christ's second coming (Matt. 17:11; Rev. 11).

Hope this helps!

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